Hi! We are Bzivo, your one-stop-shop for media production.

Based in Texas (Yee-haw!), we have over 10 years of experience specializing in Animation, Comics, Illustration, Video Production and Graphic Design for the advertising, communications and training industries.

We are a dedicated team of creative professionals who:

  • Loves to take on challenging projects (the bigger and more complex, the better)
  • Starts the day with coffee and a smile
  • Always pushes the boundaries in quality and customer service
  • Brings the most out of every idea, knowing exactly how to accomplish our client’s goals and needs
  • Our mission is to help you spread your word, enhance it, and make it loud and pretty!


Our 3 core branded services make a difference!

Through our 3 core branded services (Xplainator, The Comic Studio and Engage Learning & Communication Programs), Bzivo specializes in creating visual communication solutions tailored to specific audiences and industry communication needs. We have vast experience in working and experimenting with modern as well as traditional forms of art and presentation. Our services are very detail-oriented and our applications range from marketing pieces to social learning programs, safety procedures, corporate video production, etc.


We have many reasons but according to our clients, here is a short recap:

  • Media hub: Our services offer a comprehensive array of integrated marketing and communications solutions and tools. You don’t need to shop around, our Company has it all.
  • Value: When inventing proficiency marries high-end quality production, the results are outstanding projects. Our creative style and efficient turn-around times make our competitive investment totally worth it!
  • Hablamos Español: Not only do we know how to order tacos, we know how to make authentic salsa! Our large expertise in understanding and conveying to Latin culture and the Hispanic community inside and out of the U.S. gives our creative strategy a multicultural edge.
  • All sizes matter: Our solutions are customizable to many industries and company sizes. We have collaborated with blooming start-ups all the way to top 500 Fortune corporations, giving each of them the best service and communication strategy, because our client’s success is ours as well!


Production process oriented to exceed each customer expectations

Our production process is based on the client’s needs as we are committed to creating materials with the best quality and a strategy that aligns to our partner’s vision, values and communication objectives.  They rely on us to guide them and create amazing projects!

We take the necessary time to understand the purpose of your project, working with you on all stages of production: from concept creation to post production, advising you on how to best promote the finished project to maximize its impact.

Either you already have an idea in mind or nothing yet, it’s ok, we got you! Just let us know what you need and we will surprise you!