Custom Comic Books turn your company communications into friendly messages A custom comic book is a story illustrated in a comic format based on a specific topic, issue or escenario related to the workplace. Custom Comic Books are ideal and innovative tools for companies who struggle with finding and creating efficient communications channels or corporations with big manufacturing […]

corporate comics

Corporate Comics have become the ideal way to train and mentor your staff. Corporate Comics can do wonders for your team. Traditional company’s training methods can result very long, boring and unproductive. Workers hate to be faced with tedious hours of reading and siting in a classroom just looking a screen or hearing someone speak. […]

corporate comics

Corporate Comics are very powerful and not just because of the super powers the cartoons have as main characters of the plot. Corporate Comics are dynamic internal communication tools that convey your message to your collaborators leading to effective and impressive results. This creative Comic format allows you to tell a compelling story while entertaining […]

Online video tips to follow for your next video marketing campaign Follow this online video tips and make a big splash in your company! Creative and effective online video helps you improve more than just the number of subscribers on your channel. A well scripted and illustrated video story can engage and pursue your viewers while making a positive […]

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Online video bring many benefits for both your customers and your business. Online video benefits infographic! Creative and effective online video helps you improve more than just the number of subscribers on your channel, a good scripted and illustrated video story can engage and pursue your viewers while providing them a few seconds of delightful information. Adding animated […]

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Explainer video fun facts about how SMB and marketers make the most out of online video. Enjoy this explainer video fun facts infographic! Explainer Videos are a powerful tool to communicate effectively with your audience. They allow you to be very creative in order to express your message and personality while entertaining in just a matter of […]

Corporate Comics

What are Corporate Comics? Imagine you are an internal communications manager and want to convey to staff that you want their opinion on a new initiative, reinforce the code of conduct or promote corporate objectives and industry standards? How would you handle the situation? Is your best strategy to use a stock image, a brochure […]

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Infographics: data visualization more simple. Learn how our creative and effective infographics could help your team understand and visualize data and information in a more simple, clear and quick way. How do Infographics make data visualization more simple? Infographics or information graphics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and […]


Tired of the usual Elevator Picth? In today’s world everybody wants to sell you something, upgrade your elevator pitch with an Xplainator animated explainer video. Explainers videos have become today’s companies’ elevator pitch! They have very special super powers, besides being fun and engaging they grab your audience attention in an instant. That’s right in […]


Why does every Startup must have explainer videos? Find out in this post, why animated video is essential for launching a new company. Startup explainer videos are very popular in the market. We can see more and more growing companies using online video marketing strategies. Entrepreneurship is one of the most important activities of modern […]