Custom Made Comics

We specialize in bringing images to life through high quality handcrafted corporate, educational or entertainment
Comics and Corporate Mascots for training, communication and marketing purposes.

Demo Reel

Custom Made Comics


Communicate with your customers and employees or develop your training programs in the most effective format.

Through cartoony or realistic illustrations, we simplify, humorize and metaphor the otherwise technical, complex and unattractive information. The friendly format has a great impact on the reader, at the same time becoming highly shareable as it’s easy and fast to understand and remember.

Different outputs to choose:

Printed Comic

Digital Comic

(html5 for web distribution)

Semi Animated Comic on 4k Video

(some of the illustrations come to life through animation, spoken dialogues, music and sound effects)

Comic App for iOS or Android mobile devices

Either you already have an idea in mind or nothing yet, it’s ok, we’ve got you!
Let us know what your expectation is and we will certainly surprise you!